Indoor Pool Air Quality

Mechanical Consultant:

Indoor pool facilities and spa rooms are on the increase. Life style resorts, hotels, function centres and hydrotherapy applications are all incorporating indoor pools.
The indoor air quality design needs specific attention to provide enjoyment for the user and protection for the building from the harmful effects of chemical laden condensation.
Did you know that the condensation removal from correctly sized equipment can generate approximately one pool fill per year?
An effective air treatment design will cater for all parameters including;
• Evaporation rate from the pool and wet area surfaces
• Activity level in the pool
• Airflow on the water surface
• Condensation due to the high dew point of the indoor air
• Chemical off-gassing
• Spectator load requirements
• Negative pressure environment
• Corrosion concerns
• Energy Consumption
Due to the high indoor temperatures (room air temperature is usually 1-2° above water temperature), system operation optimisation is very important. With the large volume of air extraction, indoor pool air quality design is the perfect opportunity for Energy Recovery.
The trend is towards packaged air conditioning equipment with heat recovery and Armcor Air Solutions have developed high efficient units that take Indoor Pool Air Quality to the next level.
Armcor Air Solutions has been recently involved with prestigious projects such as;
• Australia 108 – Tallest Building in the Southern Hemisphere
• Virgin Active – Private Member Health Club
• Numurkah Aquatic Centre – Public Leisure Centre
• Eastern Private Hospital – Hydrotherapy Pool Room
• Singleton Swim and Gym – Public Recreation and Swim Facility

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