Indirect Evaporative Cooling reducing the load from Refrigerated AC

Mechanical Consultant:

Fresh air for conditioned spaces is very necessary but it greatly increases the load on airconditioning equipment. INDEC, Armcor’s Indirect Evaporative cooling unit takes the heat load off refrigerated systems, easing the work load on expensive to run compressors. This means you don’t need to reinvest into a new system.

INDEC Indirect Evaporative Cooling unit provides cooling for fresh air in the hottest of climates, with radically reduced energy costs. The new generation INDEC uses a patented indirect polymer heat transfer core that can pre-cool 100% fresh outside air with very low energy consumption.

INDEC units can be installed in Data Centres, Kitchen Exhaust, Generator Rooms, Leisure Centres, Mining, Lobby Ventilation, Club Rooms, Auditoriums, and Sports Centres.

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