Green workplace linked to improved productivity

People who work in well-ventilated offices with low levels of indoor pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) have significantly higher cognitive functioning scores than those who work in offices with typical levels, according to a study from Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health.

The difference between a green building compared to a non-green building is the subject of continuous research. We spend 90% of our time indoors and 90% of the cost of the buildings are the occupants. Yet the indoor environs quality and its impact on our health and productivity are often an afterthought.

We need to look at the impact of ventilation, chemicals, and carbon dioxide on workers’ cognitive functions as buildings become more airtight increasing the potential for poor indoor air quality. Building related illnesses and sick building syndrome were first reported in early 1980 as the ventilation rates decreased.

The results of the study in 2015 showed that the cognitive performance scores for persons that worked in green environments were:

  • Crisis response: 97% higher
  • Strategy: 183% to 288% higher
  • Information usage: 172% to 299% higher

The report also stated that when CO2 levels were increased to normal levels, cognitive functions decreased.

Green environments are achieved by using 100% Fresh Air in office buildings instead of the traditional recirculated air. The recent Covid Pandemic design principles should include the use of 100% fresh air to avoid any airborne transmissions.

Recent improvements in technology have enabled 100% fresh air to be used economically by using heat recovery methods. Armcor Air Solutions are the leaders in the Australian market for heat recovery units.

Indirect evaporative cooling is also being used for 100% fresh air applications, with dramatic reductions in running costs and with no environmental damage with CFC gases.

Using 100% fresh air in the office will have a short payback period, with increased productivity, staff attendance and retention and decreased health risks.

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