Fresh Air Indoors, the answer to reducing the spread of COVID-19

Masks, social distancing and hand hygiene have become widely accepted as ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but some scientists are saying the ventilation of our homes and workplaces could be another tool in our prevention armory.

As reported on ABC Dr Alex Huffman, an aerosol scientist says “Ventilation is a really important piece of the puzzle.”
Keeping fresh air flowing has not yet been a high priority as public health officials have focused on the important work of increasing the adoption of social distancing and mask-wearing but now, said Dr Huffman, it was time to begin talking to the public more about our indoor environment.

Ventilation and air circulation is the next big discussion in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Occupational hygienist and engineer Kate Cole said: “Whether it’s a hospital, an aged care facility, a school or an office — everyone should be looking at what can they do to increase the amount of fresh air, remove the amount of contaminated air and increase the volume of air going into their spaces.

“We want the information on ventilation to get out to the public because it all just helps reduce our risk.”

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