Free FIFA World Cup Soccer Ball – Hurry Offer ends soon

Don’t miss out on our fantastic offer. Armcor is giving away an official 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer ball for HVAC orders over $10,000 (excluding GST).

The give-away coincides with the 21st FIFA World Cup which is currently underway in Russia and wraps up on 15 July 2018.

We are delighted to say the soccer ball give-away is the real-deal and not a copy. It is an authentic Telstar 18.

Designed to be a modern interpretation of the iconic 1970 ball, this 2018 version has six textured panels and is grey, black and white rather the original black and white ball.
It is also embedded with a near-field communication chip which allows users to access content and information unique to that ball via their smart phones.

This offers runs out on … so get your orders in fast.