Energy Recovery Ventilators for Data Centre Cooling

Mechanical Consultant:

Effective and efficient cooling is a critical component of a data centre infrastructure, and multiple options are available to maintain the temperatures within the imperative parameters to keep the electronic equipment operating.
IT equipment consumes electricity and leaves behind heat as a by-product. This heat, if not treated successfully, will build up to the point where sensitive equipment is damaged or destroyed. Thus the need is to somehow remove the heat.
Moving heat requires energy, so that it costs money in both capital and operational expenses. As companies seek to control the power consumption of data centres, cooling is a major target. Herein lies the move toward cooling that incorporates energy recovery which tends to require less energy and infrastructure than more-traditional cooling methods.
Air distribution patterns are important and the ‘raised floor’ or ‘hot aisles and cold aisle’ designs are the most common ways to effectively ensure an effective and efficient ventilation pattern.
But most important is the selection of effective and efficient equipment. The utilization of fresh air not only provides the necessary ventilation requirement for human occupancy while essential servicing is undertaken, but it can also become its own ‘economy cycle’.
Often outdoor air will need to be treated and filters can easily remove the dust and pollen. Humidity often needs very specific attention and this is where specialised design and dehumidification processes have developed over the past years to the point where they are commercially viable and the ROI is an attractive proposition for energy saving management.
Armcor Air Solutions can assist you with a range of Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) and/or Dehumidification equipment specifically designed for, or adaptable to data centre usage.