Custom Built Data Centre Solutions

Data centre cooling is a major consideration to protect sensitive heat generating equipment. With the development of ultra-powerful processors, the energy consumed, and the heat produced are proportionally increasing.

Cooling system design is changing dramatically. Providing a maximum cooling approach is being superseded by utilizing sophisticated economy systems that incorporate humidity and temperature control technology. Today’s cooling systems not only focus accurate capacity matching, but they must also incorporate energy efficiency, predictable operational costs, light load efficiency, reduced footprint, be highly reliable, and capable of future expansion.

Recent improvements in data centre cooling technology have developed different perspectives in comparing the use of chilled water, refrigerant, indirect evaporative, or energy recovery cooling. Depending on the entity requirements, the budget, and the ambient conditions, current cooling approaches may involve a combination of traditional and innovative equipment.
The days of keeping a data centre below 15°C may be over. Old standards are being challenged and, in many cases, operating a warmer data centre, even up to 24°C / 50%RH may be more efficient and more reliable.

Armcor Air Solutions has been involved in the design of multiple data centres for some of the largest Australian DC operations, significantly contributing to the fresh air treatment that is essential for the indoor air quality and the control of CO2 levels for safe people access.