ARMCOR HEALTH – Fresh Air and Bacteria Elimination

Location: Broadmeadows. VIC
Mechanical Consultant: Armcor Air Solutions

Armcor Air Solutions is the leading Australian manufacturer of Fresh Air Energy Recovery Systems.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, management made the decision to put the safety of their staff first.

An existing rooftop recirculating air-conditioning unit was replaced with a 100% fresh air packaged unit which incorporating the latest UV-C Ultraviolet Light Module.

The resultant comfort level is not only to control the temperature.

The continuous supply of outdoor air will maintain a balanced fresh air flow and reduce the recirculation of indoor air, providing a healthier indoor air quality, increasing cognitive capacity and staff wellbeing.

The invertor compressor will ensure the most efficient use of power combined with EC plug fans and an inbuilt low level control system whcih manages every function. Truly a plug and play unit.

The energy recovery module will greatly assist the efficiency in both summer and winter. The UV-C lights will kill any bacteria and keep the coils clean and fresh.

Our vision of ‘Fresh Air in Every Building” is one step closer to reality.