Are we the ‘Indoor Generation?’

Whether we like it or not, we are the so-called “Indoor Generation”. On average, people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, yet many of us are not aware of the risks associated with our indoor environments.

#1 for improving indoor air quality is Fresh Air Indoors. At Armcor thats what we do every day. Bring Fresh Air Indoors.

Think about that for one second—simply increasing the amount of air brought into an area, something nearly every building owner or occupier can easily do, had a quantifiable benefit to higher-order cognitive function in knowledge workers.

This is great news for most Australians and means that the introduction of outdoor air into your working, eating, sleeping and play indoor areas is an easy way to improve your indoor air quality that naturally gets compromised by odor, moisture and high carbon dioxide levels.

The maximum ambient temperature on this same relatively warm March day in Sydney was 31C, Brisbane was 30C, Perth was 35C and Adelaide was 25C. It is obvious that the only drawback to introducing this fresh outdoor air is the considerable energy consumption to condition the amount that we want to introduce.

If we handle this appropriately with energy recovery and based on an average desirable indoor temperature of 21C, the industry and commercial sector could benefit immensely, improving IAQ whilst minimizing energy costs and resources.

Applicable equipment to pre-treat fresh air and recover energy is becoming more readily available such as a range of equipment offered by Armcor Air Solutions. View our products range including Package Airconditioning Units, Ceiling Mounted Units, Dehumidification and Indirect Evaporative Cooling.