Air Quality Linked to Happiness?

Suffering from anxiety or stress?
A study by the Chinese Hong Kong University shows a direct correlation between happiness and air quality. As consumers begin to focus on health in everyday decisions, the growing concern around air quality is creating a new awareness of products and services that could provide solutions.
So what happens on a smoggy day? A report suggests that on days with high levels of pollution, people are more likely to engage in impulsive and risky behaviour that they may later regret, possibly because of short-term depression and anxiety.
So we just stay indoors. But then the indoor air quality starts to become drained of oxygen, The CO2 levels rise, humidity levels rise, and this may make us more anxious and grumpier than ever.

So the answer? Create an indoor air quality that is healthy, safe and feels good.

How can we do that? Could we create a forest indoors, so mother nature assists us or can we rearrange our climate control system to facilitate a quality environment.
Focusing on mechanical options, put simply, we need to introduce the right proportion of fresh air to manage the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, it needs to be filtered, it needs to be efficiently heated and cooled, it may need to be dehumidified……and in the process our lifestyle moods may be positively affected.

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