1 Billion Airconditioners

Did you know that 1 Billion Airconditioners will be installed in the next decade? (The Economist)

Airconditioning makes hot places livable and regulate inside temperatures. Making people healthier, wealthier and wiser. Studies have found that Airconditioning improves classroom learning and workplace productivity, but it also causes problems.

They use electricity, which increase emissions of greenhouse gases. If units are made more energy efficient, cooling people will not come at the expense of the planet.

The future is here with INDEC.

The new generation of airconditioning without refrigerant gases, without power hungry compressor and without saturating the indoor air with increased humidity.

With power savings of over 80% and a corresponding benefit to our environment, INDEC is the answer to the airconditioning especially where there is a requirement for fresh air.

Projects such data centres, fast food outlets, leisure centres, lobby ventilation and wire storage can all benefit using this innovative and energy savings, Indirect Evaporative Cooling – INDEC.