What information is required if a HLI System is inbuilt into an Armcor unit?

Our customers may require a High Level Controller to be incorporated into our units. Armcor can include a HLI controller and these will be priced separately to the unit itself. Every HLI controller includes all the sensors which are prewired in the unit and any sensor located outside the unit will be supplied loose, required to be wired and installed on site by others. If commissioning is required on site, it will be priced and shown separately in our quotation.

Our experienced sales team will ask a number of questions which will need to be answered before we can design and install the HLI controller into your unit.

Ten Questions from our sales team are:

  1. Is there a specification for the control operation system? If so this must be forwarded to our sales team before the final quotation.
  2. Is the BMS connection MSPT or BACnet IP?
  3. Is the control system operated by Room Temp or Supply Air Temp?
  4. What is the design temp and humidity of the Supply Air?
  5. Is the fan fixed speed or variable speed, if variable speed what controls the fan speed? Velocity or Pressure?
  6. Is an economy cycle included?
  7. Does the unit have a return air bypass damper, if so, what will control this damper? Normally the return air bypass damper is operated by CO2.
  8. Does the unit have reheat if so, what is the supply air temperature and humidity?
  9. Faults for fans and compressors will be through high level, are any low-level faults required? if so, please specify what low level faults are required.
  10. Please document any other special requirements for the control system and forward this to our sales team.