How to select ERV equipment like an expert?

A common mistake in purchasing HVAC/ERV equipment is the failure to consider that it is not one-time purchase. The reality is your choice will have a long-term impact affecting life cycle cost and your professional reputation.
Here is a simple checklist to assist in understanding the five vital quality considerations.

Controlled indoor air is invisible yet a crucial component of every commercial and industrial entity operation. A HVAC system that has been designed to your specifications and customized to your building will enhance performance, lower operation costs, and provide hassle free usage.

Efficient Operation
The largest cost in not the initial investment, but the reoccurring energy costs to operate the equipment. Have you incorporated energy efficiency and energy recovery into the design?

Manufacturer Credibility
Does the manufacturer have the correct credentials and are they likely to be in business in the future? You are wise to investigate their previous performance history and their current financial status.

Service Friendly
The second largest hidden costs of a HVAC system is maintenance. The key to ensure that the equipment is built with the service technician in mind. A unit that is easily serviced lowers yours costs.

Total Cost of Ownership
The expected lifespan of your HVAC equipment is more than 20 years. When making a selection, pay attention to the total lifetime cost of ownership, not just the initial outlay.