How to maintain your ERV units?

It is important to understand that all equipment needs servicing. Any equipment that has air passing through it will require some cleaning as all air carries dirt particles which tend to lodge on surfaces as the air passes through. It is imperative that all units with Energy Recovery Media have accessible filters on both the fresh air and return air inlets.

The priority is to maintain these filters and prevent the dust from getting through to the Energy Recovery Media. If the media needs cleaning, Armcor units are all designed with access doors to allow visual inspection and external equipment is designed for the removal of the media. The media is normally in 400mm or 600mm wide modules and care should be taken when sliding the modules out as they can be heavy, and it is recommended that it is a two-person job.

Enthalpy Media is water absorbent and can only be vacuumed – never wash or rinse with water or use wet tools.

Sensible media is usually aluminium or polypropylene material and can be flushed through with water to dislodge any dirt. Be very careful not to dislodge the individual air channels.

Always re-install the media in the same configuration that it was removed, make sure there are no gaps where air can by-pass the media, and reclose the access door.

You can read more on the Sensible Heat Exchange Media, the Enthalpy Heat Exchange Media and the Rotary Heat Exchangers through this link:

Disclaimer: The data and information contained in Armcor Air Solution technical specification sheets are representative of expected performance. They are derived from aggregated specifications of the individual components used in the equipment and not from verified laboratory testing. This should only be used for evaluating your specific application and clients have the sole responsibility of satisfying themselves that the goods or services are suitable for any specific use.