How long does it take to manufacture an Airconditioning Unit?

A common question that is asked is – “How long will it take to get my unit made?”

The answer is – It depends on:

  • How complex is the unit
  • Do we have the components in stock or do we have to order specific nonstandard parts.
  • Is there additional labour involved in specific custom requirements?
  • How much other work do we have in progress?
  • How long the Project Manager takes to sign off the drawings

Just as important is to know when you want it delivered. As we all know, building sites have delays with bad weather, supply chain issues, available labour, etc.

This table gives an indicative expectation of the time required to manufacture a unit based on standard foreseeable circumstances – after the Order Confirmation sign off. Remember you may need to allow a couple of weeks between placing the order and having a sign off, particularly if it needs consultant approval.

Disclaimer: The data and information contained in Armcor Air Solution technical specification sheets are representative of expected performance. They are derived from aggregated specifications of the individual components used in the equipment and not from verified laboratory testing. This should only be used for evaluating your specific application and clients have the sole responsibility of satisfying themselves that the goods or services are suitable for any specific use.

How long will it take to get my unit made?

Unit TypeStandard UnitsCustom Made Units
XEP12 – 14 weeks14 – 16 Weeks
XES12 – 14 weeks14 – 16 Weeks
XEM6 – 10 weeks10 – 12 weeks
XEC10 – 12 weeks12 – 14 weeks
REM12 – 14 weeks14 – 16 Weeks
XCM2 – 3 weeks5 – 7 weeks
DHP12 – 14 weeks14 – 16 Weeks
HTC12 – 14 weeks14 – 16 Weeks
AHU10 – 12 weeks12 – 14 weeks
OAP12 – 14 weeks14 – 16 Weeks