Does anyone manufacture ‘Australian Made’ 100% Fresh Air Equipment?

Australian Made products provide customer security and mitigate the supply chain risk for critical projects.

While many equipment suppliers have looked to imported products, Armcor have been steadily continued to manufacture Australian Made equipment with:

  • Engineering in-house to Australian conditions
  • Seamless on-site end-to-end workflow processes
  • Highly skilled tradespersons with direct supervision
  • Quality Assurance at every step
  • Predictable ‘Delivery-In-Full-On-Time’

Australian businesses are producing great products that are in demand locally and in many other markets around the world. Manufacturing contributes about six per cent of Australia’s GDP and supports 862,200 jobs. It also contributes to R&D and our exports.

The decision makers of many construction projects are now thinking twice – do we commit to an Australian Made product or an imported equivalent.  This decision could be the gamechanger for Australia, for our economy and for our future generations.


Disclaimer: The data and information contained in Armcor Air Solution technical specification sheets are representative of expected performance. They are derived from aggregated specifications of the individual components used in the equipment and not from verified laboratory testing. This should only be used for evaluating your specific application and clients have the sole responsibility of satisfying themselves that the goods or services are suitable for any specific use