Climate Change

Climate Change

We can argue all day about climate change, but one thing for sure is that we do experience both ends of the spectrum.

Climate change has the wonderful capacity to make things hotter and colder simultaneously, with the strangest of results.

As temperatures plunge in the US, frozen sharks have washed ashore after drowning with frozen water in their gills and in southern Florida, iguanas have fallen out of palm trees frozen solid.

In Sydney it has been a similar story but opposite. As temperatures soared to 47.3C hundreds of bats fell out of trees, dead and cooked alive.

At the end of the day, the weather is still the weather and will remain the topic of conversation.

Stuck in the middle, we humans are adopting a preference for regulated temperatures in every indoor setting, whether at home, work, shopping or relaxing.

The requirements for indoor comfort are increasing and with the increasing energy costs this is requiring an even greater requirement for energy recovery.Don’t be caught short by the next heat or cold wave – either or both may be on your doorstep.

clock 20 Feb 2018
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